Our Clinic

Healing Roots Acupuncture & Wellness is founded by Caroline La, L.Ac. We specialize in treating all stages of women's health including fertility support, pregnancy care, postpartum care, menopause, and general health.

We offer natural infertility treatments with acupuncture & Chinese herbs as well as an integrative approach by working together with your reproductive endocrinologist, OB/GYN, or other specialist.

Getting to the root cause is our goal as well as stress reduction and mind-body wellness, which is integrated in all our treatments. We focus on healing the whole mind, body, and spirit! We believe this is important and essential to getting the best treatment outcome.

At our clinic we want you to feel like this is your home away from home, a sanctuary where you can get away from the hectic pace of life and completely relax. Give us a call and see how we an help you!

You are in a good hands....